You probably wonder if it is possible to borrow more and give less. Well yes! At Agree Bank, an ordinary loan is definitely not enough! The bank launched the “You give back less than borrow” promotion, under which it adds a bonus in the form of canceling the last installment of the commitment. Are we dealing with a loan for a medal?

“You give less than you borrow” 

"You give less than you borrow" 

Yes exactly. There is no error in the title. Agree Bank surprises its clients with a range of promotional products. We have recently written about “Autumn benefits with an Account for You” – where you can get up to $ 300 bonus for opening or transferring an account. The offer itself is still valid and lasts until November 30, 2019. Today, however, not about it.

From the beginning of October, the bank focused its attention on advertising a new loan offer. By the end of November, every person who has not had the opportunity to use the Agree Bank services until now will receive a free loan of up to $ 3,000 for 12 months – without any commission and with 0% interest rate. How is this possible? Ordinarily, you pay back the loan in 12 equal installments, $ 250 a month, and beware – the lender guarantees that he will pay the last installment for the client. Of course, when this one is not late with any payment for the previous 11 installments. The promotion runs until November 30, 2019.

Who can give away less than borrow? Promotion conditions

Who can give away less than borrow? Promotion conditions

We listen to our customers and know what is important to them. And everyone likes it when a few pennies fall into the wallet. That is why in this offer we take part of the loan repayment on ourselves and we give our clients savings of up to $ 250. And without any hidden hooks – that’s how Agree Bank convinces its clients.

All adults who have a bank account with Agree Bank and do not have any credit product at the bank , e.g. a credit card, loan or loan 1, can participate in the “You give away more than borrow” promotion.

The ‘You give back less than you borrow’ promotion is available to Agree Bank customers. You pay 11 installments on time, and the 12th bank pays for you. Source:

You don’t have an account at Agree Bank ? Nothing lost! Put them on in your free time by going to a bank outlet or conveniently online. The account is kept for free, provided that it receives an inflow of a minimum of $ 1,000 and at least one transaction by card or BLIK. If you meet this condition, you are also exempt from the fee for using all ATMs in Poland.

A loan is not enough! What can you do to give back less than you borrow at Agree Bank?

A loan is not enough! What can you do to give back less than you borrow at Agree Bank?

We are already moving on to the action. What steps should you take to save yourself the repayment of your last installment? Let’s see how it looks in practice.

  1. 1. By November 30, 2019, apply for a loan under the ‘You give less than you borrow’ promotion for $ 3,000 with repayment within 12 months. We send the link to the subpage below.
  2. Accept the processing of personal data that is necessary to proceed to the next stage.
  3. 3. Sign a Loan Agreement with the bank by December 6, 2019 at the latest. By the way, read the terms and conditions of the promotion and accept its terms.
  4. 4. Repay the loan installments in the amount of $ 250 obligatorily and on time .
  5. 5. At the last installment of the commitment, check your account and make sure that Agree Bank has paid the last installment for you.
  6. 6. Canceling the repayment of the last installment of the loan is the bonus that the bank has prepared for customers who need a “cash injection” 2 .
  7. The bank issues a credit decision within 10 minutes of submitting the application.

Agree Bank – in total favorable loans

Agree Bank - in total favorable loans

When you borrow money as part of a bank promotion, you won’t pay a penny. You borrow $ 3,000 and you give back $ 2,750. Simple! Just remember that you must pay all 11 installments regularly so that Agree Bank will pay the last installment for you. You also can’t pay back ahead of time.

If an ordinary loan up to $ 3,000 is not enough for you, you can apply for a higher amount. In this case, the bank also prepared an interesting promotion. Source:

To sum up – it is undoubtedly a unique opportunity if you are looking around the market for a quick injection of cash. In addition, you will feel satisfaction that it is the bank that repays the installment for you, and not you. And by the way you build your positive history in BIK. And this is actually a valuable bonus that can help you in the near future when you apply for a loan for a higher amount.

The “Overall beneficial loan” promotion cannot be combined with the “Autumn benefits with an Account for You” campaign. There are no contraindications for using the Referral Program.

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